General conditions of use

General conditions of use

 i. Company 2HOURS S.r.l. (hereinafter referred to as “2HOURS “) is an innovative Italian start-up, with a fully paid-up share capital of €26,785.00, registered office in Corso Galileo Ferraris 127, listed in the Turin Companies Register under number To-1309423, and VAT number 12698750010. 
ii. 2HOURS, through the created platform, enables the provision of services to individuals as made available by participating partners such as gyms, fitness centres, wellness centres, sports associations, sports centres, personal trainers, and, in general, economic operators related to the sports and wellness industries. 
iii. By installing the 2HOURS App and accessing its services, the User declares to fully and unreservedly accept these General Terms of Use: 2HOURS reserves the right to modify them at any time in order to better adapt them to the technical and legal requirements present at any given time.


Partner: Entity that offers its Service on the 2HOURS platform 

User: Individual who benefits from a Service on the 2HOURS platform

Account: Personal profile created by the user 

Services: offerings provided by Partners, also referred to as Activities 

Download: The process of installing the application on one’s device 

App: 2HOURS application 

Price: Compensation paid by the user to benefit from a service on the 2HOURS platform


Third Parties: Anyone other than 2HOURS and its commercial Partners

i. The purpose of the Application is to allow registered Users to directly access the personal Services as described in the App. 
ii. To access the Application and benefit from the Services, registration is required. 
iii. Downloading, installing, and accessing the Application are entirely free: these activities grant the user the right to use the Services contained therein for personal purposes, without such right of use being considered exclusive, transferable, or irrevocable. 
iv. The Services available on the App are subject to payment.
v. Once logged into the App, the User:

  • Must expressly consent to the App software for geolocation; this function can be excluded at any time by the User.

  • Through geolocation, allow the App to display on a map the Partners closest to their geographical location.

  • By selecting filters (type, location, and time of activity), can identify all available activities within the area according to the set preferences and their respective prices.

  • Can proceed with the purchase of the chosen activity, making the payment of the price using the provided virtual payment systems.

  • Can generate a virtual ticket, also printable, as proof of purchase to be presented to the Partner upon accessing the Activity.

  • Can cancel the purchase made within the specified time limits, as further detailed in the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE CANCELLATION” section.


i. To use the App, the User must be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older.

ii. To download, access, and use the App, the User must have a) a mobile device compatible with IOS 12 or later, or Android 12 or later technology, b) valid access to the Internet.

iii. The user will need to create an account by providing the required information: once registered, the User can freely access the App using the previously provided credentials.

iv.  2HOURS will provide some additional features within the App to facilitate the User in navigating the Application thereby expediting the process of using the final Service, without imposing any obligation on 2HOURS to verify the contents provided or transferred by the User in the App, both towards the User and the Partner.



The User agrees to:

i. Use the App strictly for personal use.

ii. Use the App for lawful purposes and in accordance with decency.

iii. Use the App not for commercial purposes or any purposes other than personal use.

iv. Provide truthful information and not provide false or misleading information (including the submission of documents if required): the User is solely responsible for what is declared, produced, and provided to the 2HOURS App, both towards 2HOURS and towards Partners and third parties.

v. The User is solely responsible for direct and indirect damages that may be caused to third parties through the use of the App.
vi. The User is aware that some of the activities offered will be accessible only by presenting a valid Certificate of eligibility for non-competitive sports activities to the Partner: the User has the option to preload it in the App without imposing any verification obligation on 2HOURS, neither regarding its content nor its validity.




2HOURS is exclusively responsible for the online platform it has created and its proper functioning, ensuring utmost commitment to guarantee the security of the App during use. To this end, 2HOURS undertakes to perform all maintenance interventions necessary for the regular operation of the Application.
2HOURS is responsible for the proper transmission of the User’s purchase data to the Partner, without guaranteeing the actual usability of the purchased service or its quality standard.



2HOURS will never be liable for the following cases:

i. For the lack of quality of the Service offered by the Partner.

ii. For the unavailability of the Service offered by the Partner.

iii. For the incorrect description of the Service offered by the Partner.

iv. For the temporary impossibility of accessing the App due to maintenance interventions.

v. For damages of any kind, direct and indirect, resulting from the non-compliant use of the Application by the User.

vi. For damages of any kind that may be suffered by the User and their mobile device, including the deterioration or loss of data contained therein.

vii. For the consequences arising from the unreliability/falsity of statements and information provided by the User.

viii. For the consequences arising from the unreliability/falsity of documents provided by the User.
ix. For the unreliability or validity of the medical certificate of fitness for sports activities uploaded by the User in the Application.


The price of each activity is indicated next to the description of the selected activity. By proceeding with the purchase and payment, the User accepts the indicated price. Payment can be made through the methods indicated, which 2HOURS reserves the right to modify and/or supplement at its discretion. The User is not allowed to purchase an activity without the corresponding payment. Cash payment of the activity price at the Partner’s location is not permitted for the User.




Cancellation terms may vary depending on the type of activity purchased by the User. At the time of purchase, the User is required to check the allowed cancellation period. The User can cancel the purchase before the start of the selected activity as indicated by the Partner. If the cancellation is made within the specified period before the start of the activity, the User is entitled to a refund of the entire paid price, which will be returned to the same payment method adopted/accounted for in the User’s personal account. Depending on the payment method used, refund times may vary from 5 to 30 days. 

If the User cancels the purchase beyond the specified period before the start of the activity, the right to a refund will be forfeited



The User acknowledges that 2HOURS is not responsible for any injuries or damages that the User may suffer and/or cause to third parties during the purchased activity. Without relieving the civil liability or exempting Partners from the obligation to activate adequate Civil Liability and/or Accident insurance policies, 2HOURS provides the User with a cumulative insurance policy for Civil Liability and/or Accidents, the conditions of which can be found at the following link:
The cost of this insurance policy is included in the price paid for the activity.




2HOURS may always and indisputably block User access to the App without constituting a source of compensation or indemnification. The user can always withdraw from this contract at any time by uninstalling the Application.



In order to provide its services, 2HOURS will process the User’s personal data (“Data”) for the purposes and in the manner indicated in the following privacy policies under art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

Privacy policy for visitors of the website:

Privacy policy for Users of the 2HOURS Application:

By interacting with the content on the website, the User’s Data may also be processed through so-called “cookies,” as described in the Cookie Policy:


All intellectual property rights related to the 2HOURS Application, including its content, images, graphics, icons, videos, logos, trademarks, management system, web solution, and more generally any element that constitutes the Application, belong to 2HOURS.
Any use by the User prejudicial to the rights of 2HOURS is prohibited.




This Contract is governed by Italian law; for any dispute that may arise between the User and 2HOURS, the competent court will be the Judge of the place of residence or domicile of the Consumer if located within the territory of the State.

It is always possible to access voluntary out-of-court dispute resolution procedures, including electronically, through the appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies under art. 141 of the Consumer Code established at the Ministry of Economic Development (
The Turin Court is exclusively competent where what is established in the preceding paragraph is not derogable.