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2HOURS, the only platform that offers fitness and wellness wherever and whenever you want. TAKE YOUR TIME

2HOURS, the only platform that offers fitness and wellness wherever and whenever you want. TAKE YOUR TIME


Using the app allows you to practice your favourite sport in a few clicks:
1. Download the app and register
2. Geolocate yourself and find the nearest sports or wellness offer to you
3. Book it by choosing the most convenient time and day for you and pay (you can choose more than one payment method)
4. Go to the identified facility, show your reservation (QR code or PNR code in the app and via email), enter, and enjoy your practice! Additionally, in the app, you can also scan and store your valid medical certificate for sports purposes. In case someone asks, you won't have to physically carry it with you!

There are neither registration nor subscription fees. You only pay for the activities you purchase.

With every activity purchased through the app, 2HOURS includes insurance coverage for you!

2HOURS allows users to receive a refund, total or partial, of the value of the booked activity if it is cancelled within the time specified in the app by the partner (sports or wellness

Just show the QR code or PNR code you received in the app (or via email) when you complete your purchase. If required by the facility, you can also present the medical certificate for sports purposes
that you uploaded in the app.

The purchase can be cancelled but not moved. You can then make a new search and a new purchase.

1. Your valid medical certificate for sports purposes;
2. Certificates relating to illnesses that you consider useful always having with you;
3. Memberships and registrations to your clubs and sports associations.

Currently operational in the province of Turin. In the coming months, we will also be present throughout Italy, starting from Milan and Rome, after which we will begin working on our European expansion.

Our partners give you the opportunity to purchase: facility access, individual and group workouts and classes, indoor and outdoor sports activities, registrations for sports events, use of wellness areas... even at the last minute.

We are working on it. Corporate welfare and well-being are a priority for us. As soon as we're ready, you'll be the first to know!


As a tool to make yourself known and reach new customers! Just a few clicks:
1. Access the dedicated portal (or the app section) and create your profile (e.g., description of the facility; your personal approach if you're a personal trainer; services offered; etc.);
2. Add the sports or wellness activity you want to sell, freely choosing the number of available slots, price, location, and time;
3. Welcome 2HOURS users who buy that activity... It’s that simple!

Gyms, sports facilities, clubs, sports associations, personal trainers, hotels with fitness and wellness areas. Anyone selling sports and well-being in any legal form.

1. Access to your sports facility;
2. Group and/or individual classes;
3."Spots" for closed-number classes that have become available due to cancellations;
4. Indoor and outdoor classes;
5. Access to events organized by you, even outside your facility;
6. Promotions for sports activities you decide to invent!
7. Anything else? Write to us at, and we'll advise you.

Nothing! Registration is free of charge, and it's also free to publish and sell your offers on the 2HOURS app. 2HOURS will retain a percentage on individual transactions, only if the partner earns! It’s a win-win for all.

In addition to what is already regulated by law in these cases, 2HOURS provides insurance coverage for any user who purchases sports practice or wellness services through the app, protecting against possible injuries during physical activity.

The user, following the purchase made in the app, will present themselves to you with a QR Code and a PNR code. You can verify their payment via mobile or PC and welcome them.

For these and other questions, ask us without any obligation! Write to
with your needs and contact details, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!